Dixiana Music, Nashville 


It is the skill of the recording studio that can either make or break the sound of a recording artist. We pride ourselves on great recordings!

Singers, songwriters, and bands have options when recording at Dixiana Studio.

Based on your goals and your budget, select from a
master, artist or songwriter recording. Then decide on how many professsional studio musicians are needed to capture and create your songs.

The Professional Recording 

Phil Lister discusses the importance of a good song recording for both sale and demo purposes, single song contracts, and getting your original song accepted into a catalog of a music publishing company.

Jeremy Johnson speaks about his choice of Dixiana Studio and experiences there. (July. 2011)

We record artists, bands and songwriters. We make demos and masters. We are professionals and hire professional musicians for your session.

From Our Studio

For those who travel to our Music Row location to record, our studio offers an unlimited number of tracks, three isolation booths, and one large and one small mixing room. For your protection, we have backups of your recording both onsite and offsite. There is no additional charge for this backup service.

From Your Home
For those with home studios or who work with studios near their homes, we offer professional tracking services. You can choose to have one instrument or all of your instruments tracked at Dixiana.

Mastering Services
We offer mastering with our recording services and for your home recordings. Our mastering meets industry specific Redbook Standards. This means the ISRC code (International Standard Recording Code) can be embedded within each song for airplay tracking purposes. You get your master files. 

About Our Recordings
Dixiana’s digital recording capabilities embrace computer technology. The precise sound of digital is enhanced by the warmth of tube pre-amps and state of the art microphones. Yet, the secret to successful digital recording is to capture the warmth of the recording with an analog feel. The understanding of computer technology combined with experienced sound production ensures top quality recordings every time.

For those who like to know, this is a partial list of the equipment at the Dixiana Studio.

Our studio, with or without our engineers, professional musicians, and backup singers, is available for rental.

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