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For Those Who Need Help Writing: Professional Song Consulting and Writing Assistance 

Will Your Song Make the Cut?

Apply for song placement in a Music Row Catalog. This is open to songwriters who record at Dixiana and elsewhere.

Get a songwriter page within our website with a bio and links to your songs.

Apply for inclusion at our store.

Your application can be done electronically or by snail mail. Just start by downloading the application

FOR ALL Songwriters

We, too, are songwriters. When you have a good song and you want to promote it, sell your recording, or have others record it, YOU NEED a professional recording. In the professional music business, you cannot afford to be embarassed with an amateur recording.

The Professional Recording Difference

When you come into our studio to record, we work with you to capture your song as you have it in your head. We understand and know how important that is. We add professionalism to your song. 

Your recording has to be demo'd to the high standards of Music Row.
The use of session players and their experience with recording add invaluable sound to your words. They are among the best in Nashville. They put finishing touches and uniqueness to your songs so that your album is truly a reflection of you. You can hear the difference they make on our 
"before" and "after"of "We're Getting There" by songwriter TJ Stone. TJ is a friend of ours. He offers a "song doctoring" service for songwriters.

We offer the option to have your songs in one of our catalogs where it can be promoted and recorded by others. PLEASE understand there are no guarantees that it will ever be recorded by someone else. Your song will compete with songs written by professional songwriters who write for a living.

You need to apply for inclusion in one of our catalogs.
IF YOUR SONG IS SELECTED FOR ACCEPTANCE INTO ONE OF OUR CATALOGS, you get all 100% of the writer's royalties. In addition, you would receive a usage fee or mechanical license fee if your song is selected by anyone for a recording.
We want you to reap the benefits of your songwriting skills.
Application for Your Songs to be included in one of our Music Row Catalogs

What Else Do You Want?
When you record your original at Dixiana Studio, you have the option to put your recordings in our Studio Store. If you are expecting wide distribution, we can imprint digital code for download tracking, radioplay and digital distribution by other companies.
Due to the differences in quality of demo recording, only demos recorded at Dixiana Studio can be included in the Dixiana store.

Application for inclusion in the Dixiana Store

What Else Do You Need?
PRO: Become a member of one of the Performing Rights Organizations for songwriters.

COPYRIGHT: After your professional demo is done, be sure to follow through on the business details and get your songs copyrighted. If you want, we can take care of that for you.

PROMOTE: For your own marketing, we can set up a website, and offer a fan recruitment campaign. When you record at Dixiana, we also offer you a songwriter page which can showcase you and your songs.
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