Dixiana Music, Nashville 


Got a great voice?

Want your vocal talents professionally captured so the world can hear it?

Then you need to select songs and record here.

We provide a Music Row, Nashville recording session plus the marketing of Your Voice in our Artists’ Showcase.

Enhance your recording with any or all of the following:
1. a photo shoot 
2. video recording of your session 
3. electronic press kit (EPK) 
4. artists cards with a QR code, directing people to your website...

Artists who have recorded at Dixiana Studio have performed during CMA (Country Music Association) week in Nashville for several years.

Dixiana Showcase at the CMA Festival

Dixiana will continue to provide occasional opportunities to showcase the artists who record at our studio. We really enjoy “getting you out there.”

A Song Search

To get started, decide if you want your recording to be a "cover" song or if you want to record from one of our catalogs of original songs. 
We can assist you with your song search.

You can use your recordings as demos for the marketing of your talent or you can choose to buy a mechanical license so you can sell your recordings.
Amanda Lister talks about the song search capabilities of Dixiana Music. Each recording artist selects songs from catalogs of original songs.
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