Dixiana Music, Nashville 

Promotional Services

Dixiana offers services to both enhance your Music Row recording experience and to market your talents to the world.

- Video shoot of your recording session and/or live performance around Nashville

- Artist promotion cards

- CD design and replication

- Website design, storefront design

- Social marketing and QR codes

- Electronic press kit (EPK) and traditional press releases

- Copyright assistance for your recordings

- Professional membership assistance

Edwina Shannon gives an overview of some additional services that Dixiana Music can provide.

When you record at Dixiana, whether you are recording an album, a 3 song demo or your own songs, we are proud to have you come through our doors. We want to provide to you all the services that you need in your career. As a quick overview:

Artist packages for singers are presented to major labels and you receive a page on this website that will be promoted. Pictures, a short bio and your demos are up on our website for all to hear. You have the option to make them available for purchase.

Songwriters want to have their songs recorded. We offer publishing, single song contracts and quality demos for selling and promoting.

Any album or artist recording that leaves our studio is ready for radio play. We assist with CD design and duplication, as well as digital and traditional distribution.

As a singer, songwriter, or recording artist at Dixiana Music, we invite you to participate with promotions that we have arranged.  
The Dixiana Showcase has been held during CMA week, allowing our artists to play for the avid country fans.
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