Dixiana Music, Nashville 


Artists and songwriters who record at Dixiana, may be asked to be on one of the labels. If you haven't recorded at Dixiana but would like to be on a Nashville label, you can submit your recordings for our consideration. Not everyone is accepted.

Please make the most of this opportunity and send us professional recordings and complete applications. We look forward to hearing your music.

What You Get as an Artist on Our Label

As an artist selected to be on one of our labels, your Master recordings or studio recordings are affiliated with a Nashville label.

You receive 
    - a webpage for your domain address on our label, 
    - a webstore for selling your songs, 
    - the html code for implanting your store link in other 
    websites and 
    - the benefit of our marketing team.

You can also link your website to your page on our label.

Links can also be done to and from your videos.


What You Need to Submit Recordings to any of Our Labels

* Professional recordings
* Promotional pictures (Electronic format is great)
* Short biography
* Website address
* Links to any videos
* Agree to a 70/30 split of all sales (artist receives 70%)

Please download and complete an application.
There is a one time fee of $35.

Application to RowPro Records  (country)

Application to Gabriel Records   (Christian)

Application to Dogbones Music 
 (other than above)

Red Horse Records is in the re-development stage.

All four labels are in Nashville, TN: "Music City." RowPro, Gabriel, and Red Horse are owned by Dixiana Music. Dogbones Music is an affiliate.

Submission Addresses

You can submit your best songs electronically or by mail.
Electronic files should be sent to
RowProMusic@gmail.com or GabrielRecords@gmail.com or DogbonesMusic@gmail.com .

Payment can be made electronically through Paypal. Send the payment to
admin@dixiana.com . Be sure to identify clearly for whom the application fee is being paid.

Call of email us if you would rather send by postal service. We'' provide you our address then.
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