Dixiana Music, Nashville 

Artist Recordings

For those with a great voice, please view the Singers page.

For those who can write and sing, please view the Singers and Songwriters page.

For those who can play or have a band, view the Recording page.

Come On In and Record Your Album

Our session players are available for all recordings. They are among the best in Nashville. Most have been on national acts and know the spontaneity of live recording plus the discipline of studio recording.

We provide professional recordings. Producer Phil Lister talks about the importance of a
professional recording.

Professional musicians put finishing touches and uniqueness to your songs so that your album is truly a reflection of you. You can hear the difference they make on two songwriter recordings. The "before" and "after" of "We're Getting There" by songwriter TJ Stone and the "before and after" of "The Lord is Our Father" by songwriter Les Reynolds. 

Tracking Your Sales and Distribution

Anticipating digital sales, codes are embedded in your Masters so your downloads can be tracked for ratings. If you are going to press a CD, we'll get a barcode, do a CD design and help with duplication. Your album could also be listed on one of our labels.

Looking for radio play and store sales? Well, we can help there, too. The promotional page will have some other ideas for sales and fan base growth.

Review our checklist

There are some other items to consider in your recording career. You may have some ideas of your own. Let us know what you are thinking and we can help you to accomplish it.

for the RowPro label


for Gabriel Records

Be an Artist on a Music Row label.

Dixiana Music has three labels: RowPro for country, Gabriel for Christian recording artists and Red Horse plus an affiliation with Dogbones Music label. Albums recorded at Dixiana are automatically considered for a label.

If you already have a professional recording, we invite you to submit your recording to Dixiana Music. We’ll listen and review it. If the quality of the recording and your sound fits one of our labels, we’ll extend to you an opportunity to be a part of one of our

Please complete one of the applications below.

for Dogbones Music label

Can’t quite get to Music Row to record?

Do you already have a good relationship with a nearby studio? If this is your situation, you may want to allow us to record your tracks with our session players. Let us do the instrumentation. You add your Vocals...
We’ll provide you with
the .wav files so you can have your vocals mixed in at your home studio or we can do the final mix for you.

It’s a great way to capture the Nashville sound if you can’t travel to Nashville.

Three songs written and sung by Aaron Tippin on the Giving Back CD are an example of this. Aaron was at the studio while the session players were recording the tracks for his songs. He later recorded his vocals at his own studio. After the vocals were cut, the mixing and the mastering of Aaron's songs was then done at Dixiana 

Go to the
Aaron Tippin page to hear the final cut of these songs.

Aaron Tippin's idea

Already have professionally recorded tracks?

We can master, remaster or mix the recordings. To do this, we'll need your files. We would prefer .wav but we can convert from any recording technology. This means your files can be sent to us from anywhere in the world for that mastered and mixed on Music Row sound... a little Nashville flavor, by way of Dixiana Studio.
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